Windy Acres Farm is a small family farm with a strong belief in locally raised real food. Our farm practices are all natural, pesticide free, antibiotic free, humane with great respect to the land and resources God has given us. We are located on Besemer Rd, just off Ellis Creek Road, in North Barton, NY. We offer pasture raised chicken, turkey, pork and eggs.


We make the Farmer's Pledge to our customers, employees, and animals. The Farmer’s Pledge is a commitment to a broad set of principles that go far beyond the National Organic Program by addressing labor issues, community values and marketing.

All our animals are raised on pasture and spend the day in the fresh air and sunshine. 


Our roaster chickens and free-range eggs are available on farm by appointment. Turkeys are available in November with pre-order. We are now taking CSA pre-orders for chicken and turkey for our 2015 season.


Thank you for your interest in Windy Acres Farm! ~The Anderson Family