Are you looking for natural products for your home, where natural TRULY means natural?

Do you want to be SURE the things you use in your home are free of parabens, sulfates, GMOs and gluten?

Do you want to KNOW your hard earned money is supporting a company that is doing good in the world?

Look no further!

I was making my own laundry soap, deodorant, bug spray, and sunscreen, because I couldn’t find a company out there that had the ingredients I wanted at a price I could afford.  All the work of purchasing ingredients and containers and then actually making the stuff was time consuming!  I continued to make my own despite the time it took to do it.

Bottom line, I wanted products with ingredients that I knew were safe for my family.  Don’t you?

Can you imagine buying laundry soap that is as good as homemade, without any (and I mean any) ingredients that you are unsure of?  How about bug spray and sunscreen?  Kitchen counter spray?  Toothpaste?  Deodorant?  Enter Radiantly You!  They have changed the way we do things in our home!  No more homemade laundry soap, deodorant, or toothpaste.  I can just hop on their website and order what I need.

Their mission is to provide a TRULY natural and organic products, where  “Natural truly means natural.”  You will never find sulfates, parabens, GMOs, or gluten in any of their products.  Their ingredients are items I can understand and trust, like coconut oil, olive oil, raw unrefined shea butter, sustainably harvested palm oil,  unrefined cocoa butter, bentonite clay, and more!  Are you ready to switch your house over to better products?  Are you ready to join a movement that will keep our waters clean by decreasing the chemical footprint, and change the lives of family and friends?


Visit to order Radiantly You products from our family and help us support our growing farm! 


Or, get started with your own Radiantly You business!  You will not want to keep this company a secret!  To get started, visit Radiantly You and click Join Now!  For just $29.95, you will get a free Radiantly You website to share with others, 30% off product purchases, and the ability to earn commission on sales!  Let’s get started!  Go to and click "Join our Team." 


Of course, you can always give us a call for more information at 570-882-9088.  We'd love to talk with you!



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