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Do you know where your food comes from?

*Food is Fresh and Tastes better
Local food is fresher and tastes better than food shipped from other states or countries. Local farmers can offer good food that is about freshness and taste rather than for shipping and a long shelf life.

*Strengthen the Local Community
Buying food from local farmers keeps money in our community. Getting to know the farmers who grow our food builds a trusting relationship, which is the foundation of a strong community.

*Supporting Endangered Farms
Each purchase you make buying local food ensures the money goes directly to the farmer.

*Family's Health
Knowing where your food comes from and how it is grown or raised enables you to choose safe food from farmers who avoid or reduce their use of chemicals, pesticides, hormones, antibiotics, or GM seeds. Also when you buy fresh food not only does the food taste great it is packed with more nutrients.

*Protect the Environment
Local food doesn't have to travel far. This reduces carbon dioxide emissions and packing materials. Buying local food helps make farming more profitable and selling farmland for development less attractive.

*Food Miles
Food shipped from a distance can spend as many as 7-14 days in transit before they arrive at the grocery store. The food that is sold in stores is picked for their ability to withstand industrial harvesting equipment and extended travel, not taste.

*Tradition in Danger of Family Farms
Family farms are an important part of our American tradition of self-sufficiency. The US has lost 4.7 million farms since 1935. Large Cooperations dominate the food supply. Four large firms control over 80% of beef slaughter, 59% of pork packing, and 50% of broiler chicken production.

*Easy to Buy Local
There are many places in our area to find local foods. Find a farmer, farmers' market, farm stand, CSA, and local health food stores. We hope our website makes your shopping for local food easier.

All source information is available in book "Diet for a Dead Planet"

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